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Summary: Smart command for compiling files according to major-mode

Provide `mode-compile' function as a replacement for the use of
`compile' command which is very dumb for creating it's compilation
command (use "make -k" by default). `mode-compile' is a layer
above `compile'; Its purpose is mainly to build a smart
compile-command for `compile' to execute it. This compile-command
is built according to number of parameters:
- the major-mode.
- presence or not of a makefile in current directory.
- the buffer-file-name and extension.
- what is in the current buffer (`main' function,"#!/path/shell", ...).
- and more ...
Most of these parameters are higly customizable through Emacs
Lisp variables (to be set in your .emacs or through Customization
menu). Running mode-compile after an universal-argument (C-u)
allows remote compilations, user is prompted for a host name to
run the compilation command on. Another function provided is
`mode-compile-kill' which terminate a running compilation session
launched by `mode-compile'.

License: GPL

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