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Summary: An Open Source PowerMac emulator

SheepShaver is a MacOS run-time environment for BeOS and Linux that
allows you to run classic MacOS applications inside the Linux
multitasking environment. This means that both Linux and MacOS
applications can run at the same time (usually in a window on the
Linux desktop).

If you are using a PowerPC-based system, applications will run at
native speed (i.e. with no emulation involved). There is also a
built-in PowerPC G4 emulator, without MMU support, for non-PowerPC

Some features of SheepShaver:
- SheepShaver runs MacOS 7.5.2 thru MacOS 9.0.4
- Copy and paste text between MacOS and the host OS (X11 clipboard)
- File exchange with the host OS via a "Unix" icon on the Mac desktop
- Color video display with support for run-time resolution switching
- Run-time depth switching from 1 bpp to current host depth settings
- Native QuickDraw acceleration for BitBlt and FillRect operations
- CD-quality stereo sound output
- Networking: SheepShaver supports Internet and LAN networking via
Ethernet and PPP with all Open Transport compatible MacOS
applications (on 32-bit big endian systems at this time)

License: GPL

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