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Summary: GNOME application to help you manage your book collection

Alexandria is a GNOME application to help you manage your book collection.

* retrieves and displays book information (including cover pictures)
from several online libraries, such as Amazon, Proxis, Barnes and
Noble, and the Spanish Ministry of Culture ;
* allows books to be added and updated by hand ;
* enables searches either by EAN/ISBN, title, authors or keyword ;
* saves data using the YAML format ;
* can import and export data into ONIX, Tellico and EAN/ISBN-list
formats ;
* generates from your libraries XHTML web pages themable with CSS ;
* allows marking your books as loaned, each with the loan-date and the
name of the person who has borrowed them ;
* features a HIG-compliant user interface ;
* shows books in different views (standard list or icons list), that
can be either filtered or sorted ;
* handles book rating and notes ;
* supports CueCat (R) barcode readers ;
* includes translations for several languages.

License: GPLv2+

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