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Summary: GUI for Genpak (gp) set of bioinformatics utilities

Arka is a program that (1) serves as a graphical interface for any command line
driven programs, with the focus on the programs from the GP package (see (2) has some nice funtions on it's one.
Main scope of the program is the manipulation and visualisation of DNA / RNA /
protein sequences.

The GP package contains many command-line utilities which fullfill a whole
bunch of tasks (from DNA sequence searches to restriction analysis and
determining the melting temperature of oligonucleotides). While those programs
are convenient to use in batch processing and CGI scripts (which was the
purpose of those programs), they lack a nice GUI.

Arka remembers the options for the GP programs and knows what both the programs
and the options do. Besides, it has some gadgets on its own. It requires GTK+,
but doesn't need GNOME. Also, it is small and quick.

License: GPLv2

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