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Summary: Music composition and audio synthesis framework and tool

BEAST (the BEdevilled Audio System) is a GTK+/GNOME-based frontend to
BSE (the Bedevilled Sound Engine). BSE comes with the abilities to
load/store songs and synthesis networks (in .bse files), play them
modify them, etc. BEAST provides the necessary GUI to make actual
use of BSE. Synthesis filters (BseSources) are implemented in shared
library modules, and get loaded on demand.

NOTE: This package assumes audio device of your sound card is /dev/dsp,
and MIDI device is /dev/midi; this setting may not fit your machine. If
this is the case, please rebuild this RPM with the following options
(assuming audio device is /dev/dsp2 and MIDI device is /dev/midi1):

rpmbuild --rebuild --define='dsp_device /dev/dsp2' \
--define='midi_device /dev/midi1' beast-?.?.?-?mdk.src.rpm

License: GPLv2+

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