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Summary: GNOME hardwriting notepad

Gournal is a note-taking application written for usage on Tablet-PCs. It's
designed for usage with a stylus, not a mouse or keyboard. It does not have
handwriting recognition but can be used in co-ordination with xstroke to
accept text. The pages are saved as gzipped SVG files (not totally standard
yet but working on it).

Gournal looks/works just like a physical notebook with multiple pages.
Gournal has the following tools:
* Fine/Normal/Medium/Think Pens
* Eraser
* Highliter
* Typed Text
* Time-stamp
* Zoom
* Infinite undo/redo
* Delete entire strokes
* Networkable pages
* <Insert Images>
* <Load a file as the background>

License: GPL

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