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Summary: Simple GTK2 inventory program using MySQL

Inventory is a gtk+-2 inventory program that uses a mysql database as backend.
Inventory can't do anything fancy, complicated or complex (like linked tables),
instead it tries to be flexible, multi-purpose and fast while remaining easy to
use. Features include:

* Mysql Backend.
* User defined amount of columns in a table.
* Every column can be either a string, integer or boolean.
* Everything can be changed at any time. f.e. amount off column, column
name, column type, category name, etc
* Direct editing off data in the table, or in a pop-up window.
* Export to html or comma seperated file.
* Import from comma seperated file with preview.
* User feedback, the program tries to give as much feedback as needed.
* Responsive, changes are directly applyed in the gui, and synced with
* When an error has occured, it gives the user the oppertunity to correct
* Lots More

License: GPL

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