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Summary: klinkstatus

* Support several protocols (allowing fast checking of
local documents): http, ftp, ssh (fish or sftp) and file.
* Proxy support
* Allows authentication when checking restricted documents
* Supports the latest Web standards-- HTML 4.0, HTTP 1.1
* Server-Side Includes (SSI, aka SHTML) are supported and checked
* Regular expressions to restrict which URLs are searched
* Show link results as they are checked
* Tree like view (that reflects the file structure of the documents) or
flat view
* Limit the search depth
* Fragment identifiers ("#" anchor links that point to a specific
section in a document) are supported and checked
* Pause/Resume of checking session
* History of checked URLs
* Tabbed checking (allow multiple sessions at the same time)
* Filter checked links (good, broken, malformed and undetermined)
* Configurable number of simultaneous connections (performance tunning)
* Other configurable options like "check external links",
"check parent folders", "timeout"
* Good integration with Quanta+

License: GPLv2+

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