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Summary: NexTView EPG decoder and browser

This is a decoder and browser for nexTView - an Electronic TV Programme Guide
for the analog domain (as opposed to the various digital EPGs that come with
most digital broadcasts). It allows you to decode and browse TV programme
listings for most of the major networks in Germany, Austria, France and

Currently Nextview EPG is transmitted by:
- in Germany and Austria: Kabel1, 3Sat, RTL-II.
- in Switzerland: SF1, TSR1, TSI1, EuroNews.
- in France: Canal+, M6.
- in Turkey: TRT.

If you don't receive any of those, then this software unfortunately is
almost useless to you, except for a demo mode. For more details please
refer to the documentation in the "Help" menus or the UNIX manual page.

License: GPLv2+

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