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Summary: An X viewer for DVI files

Xdvi allows you to preview the TeX text formatting system's output .dvi
files on an X Window System.

If you are installing teTeX, so that you can use the TeX text formatting
system, you will also need to install tetex-xdvi. In addition, you will
need to install tetex-afm (a PostScript font converter for TeX),
tetex-dvilj (for converting .dvi files to HP PCL format for printing on
HP and HP compatible printers), tetex-dvips (for converting .dvi files to
PostScript format for printing on PostScript printers), and tetex-latex
(a higher level formatting package which provides an easier-to-use
interface for TeX). If you're not a TeX expert, you'll probably also
want to install the tetex-doc package, which contains documentation for
the TeX text formatting system.

License: Distributable

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