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Summary: X-Mess Emulator compiled for x11

X-Mame/Mess the UNIX/X11 are the ports of Mame/MESS projects.
It makes MESS (Multi-Emulator Super System) available on *ix machines
using the X11R6 X-Window system (and Linux ones using SVGAlib too).

M.E.S.S. is a computer and consoles emulator: it includes a Z80, 6502,
68000 and lastly I86 uP emulators.

If using dga you end up with a messed-up screen, check that XF86Config-4
has 'Load "extmod"' in the module section.

This package is in PLF because of Mandriva Linux policy forbidding
non-free and emulation software.

License: Freeware

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