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Basic items

Name libreoffice-base
Version 1:3.5.5
Release 0.1
Group Office
Summary LibreOffice office suite - database
Size 6,460KB
Arch i586
License (MPLv1.1 or LGPLv3+) and LGPLv3 and LGPLv2+ and BSD and (MPLv1.1 or GPLv2 or LGPLv2 or Netscape) and Public Domain and ASL 2.0 and Artistic


LibreOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite that provides a
near drop-in replacement for Microsoft(R) Office.

This package contains the database component for LibreOffice.

You can extend the functionality of LibreOffice Base by installing these

* unixodbc: ODBC database support
* libmyodbc | odbc-postgresql | libsqliteodbc | tdsodbc | mdbtools: ODBC
drivers for:
- PostgreSQL
- SQLite
- MS SQL / Sybase SQL
- *.mdb (JET / MS Access)
* libmysql-java | libpg-java | libsapdbc-java: JDBC Drivers
- PostgreSQL
- MaxDB

Media information

Distribution release Mandriva 2011.0
Media name main-updates
Media arch i586

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Source RPM libreoffice-3.5.5-0.1.src.rpm
Build time 2012-08-02 18:50:51
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